Nine-Month Checkup


  • Continue with breast milk and/or formula with iron until one year old.
  • Change to whole milk (instead of formula) at one year of age.
  • Babies this age may eat baby foods, finger foods, and table foods. Most babies eat more table and finger foods and less baby food between now and one year of age.
  • Juice is optional. Your baby does not need juice. If you give juice, give no more than 4 ounces a day. Give juice only in the cup, not the bottle.
  • Do not give your baby honey until one year of age.
  • Breastfed babies should take a vitamin supplement, either Tri-Vi-Sol with iron or Poly-Vi-Sol with iron, 1 ml (one dropper) daily.

Sippy Cup:

  • Increase use of sippy cup and start weaning your baby off the bottle.
  • Try to get your baby off the bottle by around one year of age.

Car Seat:

  • Your baby should continue to ride in a car seat facing backwards in the back seat of the car until 2 years old. Your baby may no longer fit in the infant seat, and may need a larger (convertible) car seat.



  • Continue home childproofing: electrical outlet covers, poison prevention, choking prevention, drowning prevention.


  • Normal development for babies between 9 months and 1 year of age:
  • Babbles, may say “dada” or “mama”
  • Crawls, pulls to stand, cruises. May start to walk.
  • Waves, claps, plays “peek-a-boo”
  • Understands “No”

Flu Vaccine:

  • Flu vaccines are available every fall for all infants 6 months and older
  • The first year that infants get the flu vaccine, they need two doses given at least one month apart to be protected.

Next Checkup: In 3 months when your child is 12 months old (after birthday)

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