We strongly encourage you to call our office first at 510-530-KIDS during office hours or the answering service after hours at 510-464-8514.

This is of the greatest importance because there is no faster way to get first aid advice from the doctor who knows your child. When a call comes in outside of office hours, the advice line should respond rapidly. If there is no answer, call again in a minute or two. Try to avoid rushing to the hospital emergency room.

If your child needs emergency care, the office will arrange where to meet you. Otherwise, long waiting periods, treatment by a doctor unfamiliar with your child, and considerable inconvenience to patient and physician may result.

If the emergency is life-threatening, then CALL 911.

Parents and other caretakers should learn the basic cardio-pulmonary life support and resuscitation (CPR). Please contact your local Red Cross or Heart Association for CPR classes.