Double your dating

Double Your Dating is a popular dating guide written by David DeAngelo. Its aim is to teach men the secrets of attracting and dating women. The book has been a bestseller since its release in 2001, and has helped thousands of men to improve their dating lives. In this article, we will explore the principles and techniques taught in Double Your Dating, and how they can help you to become more successful with women.

Understanding Women

The first principle taught in Double Your Dating is understanding women. According to the book, women are attracted to men who display certain characteristics, such as confidence, humor, and social skills. Men who lack these qualities will struggle to attract women, no matter how good-looking or wealthy they are.

One of the key points in understanding women is that they are attracted to men who are leaders. This means being decisive, taking control of situations, and having a clear sense of direction in life. Women also respond well to men who are assertive and confident, as this communicates strength and security. On the other hand, men who are passive or unsure of themselves will be viewed as weak and unattractive.

Inner Game

To become more attractive to women, it is important to work on your "inner game." This refers to your mindset and self-confidence, which are critical factors in how you present yourself to others. If you have a negative self-image or lack confidence, this will be reflected in your behavior and interactions with women.

Double Your Dating teaches men how to develop a strong inner game by focusing on self-improvement and personal growth. This includes improving your physical fitness, developing new skills and hobbies, and working on your social skills. By becoming more confident and self-assured, you will naturally become more attractive to women.

Approaching Women

Another important aspect of attracting women is learning how to approach them. Many men struggle with approaching women because they fear rejection or lack the necessary social skills. Double Your Dating provides practical tips and techniques for approaching women in a confident and effective way.

The book emphasizes the importance of making a strong first impression when approaching women. This involves using open body language, making eye contact, and projecting confidence. It also teaches men how to start conversations with women in a natural and playful way, using humor and banter to create attraction.


Once you have approached a woman, the next step is to create attraction. Double Your Dating teaches men how to do this by displaying attractive masculine qualities, such as confidence, humor, and leadership. It also provides specific techniques for creating attraction, such as using teasing and banter, demonstrating higher value, and using push-pull tactics.

One important principle taught in Double Your Dating is the idea of "cocky and funny." This involves playfully teasing a woman while also showing confidence and humor. The goal is to create a push-pull dynamic that generates attraction and keeps the woman engaged.

Double Your Dating

Double Your Dating is an excellent resource for men who want to improve their dating lives. By focusing on understanding women, developing a strong inner game, approaching women confidently, and creating attraction, men can become more successful with women. Whether you are new to dating or have been struggling for years, this book provides practical advice and techniques that can help you to achieve your goals. So if you want to double your dating success, give Double Your Dating a read!