Care of the Foreskin

Many of our families are opting not to circumcise their children, realizing that care of the foreskin is actually quite easy.

It is important to know that non-retractability of the foreskin (i.e., the inability to pull the foreskin back to expose the glans) is normal in the newborn. As the child gets older, the foreskin will naturally become more easily retractable; by 3 years of age, the foreskin is completely retractable in approximately 90% of boys. This is very convenient, as the foreskin
becomes retractable at a time when the child is first able to be responsible
for his own hygiene.

To care for the foreskin, merely retract the foreskin gently, allowing the exposed portion of the glans to be cleaned with mild soap and water, then return the foreskin to its normal position by bringing it forward, back over the glans.