Are chrishell and jason dating again

Is There a Chance of Rekindling Romance Between Chrishell and Jason?

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim of the reality TV series "Selling Sunset" were once in a relationship. However, the couple split up in 2020, leading to rumors and speculation about their relationship ever since. Fans have speculated about a possible reunion between the two, leading to widespread curiosity: are Chrishell and Jason dating again?

What Led to Their Split?

Although not a lot has been revealed about why the Selling Sunset stars split up, it's known that their break up was amicable. The couple stated that they had decided to remain friends, and their professional relationship remained intact.

Their fans were disappointed upon hearing of their split, and many were left wondering if there was any chance of rekindling their romance.

What Have They Said About Their Relationship?

Chrishell has mentioned that she is still single and is focusing on her career. She recently made headlines after appearing on Dancing with the Stars and is now working on her new Netflix series "Selling Sunset."

Jason, on the other hand, has been tight-lipped about his romantic life. He has not revealed anything about his current relationship status, leaving fans guessing about what could be going on behind the scenes.

Instagram Posts and Public Appearances

Despite their split, both Chrishell and Jason have continued to share pictures of each other on social media. Fans have also spotted them together in various public appearances, including parties and events.

Their continued public appearances have fueled rumors that the two are back together. However, neither of them has confirmed these rumors.

The Latest Update

The latest buzz around Chrishell and Jason is that they are indeed back together. Sources close to the couple have reportedly said that they are taking things slow but are definitely interested in each other.

The news has come as a surprise to fans of the show, who were not expecting this reunion. Many fans have taken to social media to express their excitement over the news, while some are still skeptical until there is official confirmation from the couple.

Are Chrishell And Jason Dating Again

In summary, there is no official confirmation from either Chrishell or Jason about their relationship status at this time. However, there have been several rumors circulating around the internet that suggest they may be back together.

Whether or not they are dating again, one thing is clear: their fans love them both and are excited to see what comes next for them, both personally and professionally.